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Legally compliant e-commerce with the leading Oracle web technology
10. 04. 2013 11:46:18

Genis premiered its innovative new e-Invoices WL ®3.0 IT solution at the Oracle central business meeting in Slovenia. This allows the introduction of e-commerce under the brand new VAT-1G on Oracle WebLogic and Oracle 11g.

KRANJ, 3 April 2013 - Slovenian business software has become richer because of a new achievement. Genis has produced a new version of its e-Invoices ®, IT solutions which was the first available product to allow ZDDV-1G legally compliant e-commerce  on Oracle technologies. Genis premiered its new e-Invoices ® 3.0 WL IT solution at the 5th Oracle central business meeting day 2013, where attracted the intense interest of business users and IT professionals.

"Oracle is the world's leading provider of business information technology, so we are even prouder that we are among the first in the world to have developed ​​IT solutions for paperless or electronic commerce, exploiting its advantages, but to also be in line with national and EU legislation," said Stane Štefančič, Genis CEO.

The e-Invoices ® 3.0 WL Information solutions combines the best business practices and provides support to the entire electronic purchasing process, from conception, and includes purchasing, contract management and procurement to the management of invoices. The system enables the implementation of e-business in accordance with the ZDDV-1G, because it provides high security data and documents from misuse and full audit traceability throughout the entire process and user activities.

"The new e-Invoices ® solution is an attractive means to reducing operating costs and it increases  added value, to previous users of Oracle technologies and to increase the value of previous IT investments and will also contribute to a lower total cost of the ownership of IT systems," said Štefančič. The result of the introduction of IT solutions e-Invoices ® 3.0 WL improvements operates at many different levels of business, from purchasing departments to  commerce, accounting, liquidity management of financial services and cost management and the supervisory monitoring of business performance.

e-Invoices ® 3.0 WL is  innovative information solution which combines a central repository of documents and data, and Oracle 11g technology, highly sophisticated process support and process work procedures as well as both the Oracle WebLogic technologies and Java Persistence API. The close liaison with other programs and the services benefit that Oracle technology and support for basic operations which are used by thousands of companies worldwide, form an extremely robust, reliable and high-performance interoperable e-business.
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