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Genis e-Invoices: powerful central document storage system for e-business
02. 12. 2011

With the implementation of the upcoming online version of Genis e-Invoices Information Solution, large companies will gain a powerful central document storage system for e-business, a strategic investment, which will enable cost-effective storage of millions of documents.

KRANJ,  2. 12. 2011 –  Genis, a leading supplier of IT solutions for electronic business in large enterprises and public administration, will enable purchasers of the online version of the e-Invoices Information Solution, the use of a built-in central repository of documents.
The advantage of Genis’s system is its long-term usability, high performance and expandability, as it works on standard web technologies, supports a major annual increment of documents and allows the easy addition of new document management applications. Genis’s central repository of documents has been licensed in the information system for the managing and issuing of biometric passports, which without a change in the speed of processes after 5 years of use already includes over 3 million records.

"The new e-Invoices system enables users to gain a central repository of documents for the entire organization, based on the use of the very same technologies that they are already using for their business information system," said Janko Štefančič, Genis Technical Director.

With its offer of integrated central document management system Genis has reached an extremely attractive balance between price and functionality. To implement high-quality and efficient e-business, customers does not need to invest in a license for document management systems, they only invest in the appropriate document application.
Genis’s central repository of documents is designed to work on popular database servers, used by large organizations for ERP systems, and it does not require the purchase of additional hardware such as servers and storage capacity. Because the users do not need to introduce new technologies in their IT departments, they maintain the current range of management functions, increase the value of past infrastructure investments and further optimize the total cost of the ownership of their information systems.

Štefančič also said that users, with the help of e-Invoices, can also conduct electronic commerce with their business partners, through integration with services for the electronic exchange of documents between businesses/companies (e-Style, GS1 ...) as well as systems for e -payment. The company ensures its customers best practices during  transition to a paperless operation, and facilitate public institutions in linking to certified services for the ZVDAGA electronic archiving.

A new generation of Genis’ IT solution e-Invoices, which will shortly be followed by other IT solutions for the purchasing process, uses standard web application architecture. It works on web application servers, Oracle WebLogic, Oracle AS, IBM WebSphere, SAP NetWeaver and the open-source JBoss. For the storage of documents and data support, it uses different databases such as Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server and PosgreeSQL.  With the goal of automating the processes, Genis offers e-Invoices users integration with established ERP systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics (Navision) and Infor (Baan).
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