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1994 - Genis was founded in May of 1994 with the vision of helping companies to modernise their businesses by re-engineering their information systems and introducing automated group working in the Lotus Notebook environment. The name Genis summarises our vision as “general information systems". The name was quickly accepted by our business partners to mean originality in the approach to development and modernisation of information systems.

– In association with the Faculty of Computing and Information Science (Dr.Krisper) and Technic faculty from Maribor (Dr.Gyorkos, Dr.Welzer), we organised several international conferences on “Re-engineering information systems”. The main focus of these conferences was the introduction of an engineering approach to development and modernisation of information systems using contemporary CASE tools at the design stage. The main outcome of these conferences was the importance of pursuing business objectives and modernise businesses by introducing information technology.

For automation of working processes, we selected the most advanced environment, Lotus Notebook, which was at that time, just beginning to be adopted by large world organizations. Our starting point was the good personal contacts that company founder and director, Stane Štefančič, established with leading software developers in the United States.

In early projects, we acted as consultants in the modernisation of information systems at: The Triglav Insurance company, Lek, BATCH, Mura, LIP, Illyria and Rašica. We used CASE tools and developed programme code to “generate” our business partners’ systems.

- In the autumn of this year, we were involved in the project to modernise the Central Population Register (CPR), and together with Office of Statistics RS, Government Centre for Informatics and the Faculty of Computer Science we developed a data model for the future CPR.  At the same time we prepared strategies to introduce automated group working in the Lotus Notebook environment, and began installation and introduction of the Lotus Notebook environment into companies such as LEK and ISKRAEMECO, and financial organisations such as Triglav Insurance, Dolenjska Bank and Novi KBM.

In the following years we substantially increased the number of associates, scholarships and invited final year students of the Faculty of Computer Studies to cooperate with us. Lotus regarded us as highly competent associates and certified us as Advanced Business Partners.

– Further development and use of Lotus Notebook for bespoke systems, stimulated additional growth of the company. We successfully undertook computer support and administration of IT at the Rašica company.

We became representatives of the Gartner Group, and provided the views and opinions of these international analysts, concerning trends in development, tenders and proposals, to the Slovenian IT community.

– Based on an idea by Mark Štefančič, we organised the first GENISVET event and launched the central motto of our company, "Environmentally friendly information solutions".    

– By the end of this year, with a strengthened workforce, we released the first of our standard information solutions: e-Invoice, e-IsoDoc, e-TechDoc and e-Proj; e-Invoice was short listed for best business solution at Lotusphere, the biggest Lotus conference. e-Invoice was implemented at SAVA, ETI Elektroelement and ETA Cerkno.

In cooperation with Ministry of the Internal Affairs and the Faculty for Computing and Information Science in Ljubljana, we established software support for management/administration of the Central Population Register. The CPR-VLOP project brought Genis, the Government Centre for Informatics and the Ministry of the Interior, a nomination at the European awards for the best information solution in government administration.

- A strategy for e-administration was devised in accordance with the Action Plan of the European Union. Genis presented access to personal civil data, which was an innovation in the European context.

- CPR becomes the central database in e-administration and the main data repository, which not only processes data but is also a provider of data services. e–CPR is a solution that enables integration with other state registers and access to CPR via the internet. e-CPR establishes direct connection with other public registers such as Republic of Slovenia Tax Administration, Land Register (Geodesy Administration of RS), Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs, Employment Service; with the Central Securities Clearing Corporation (KDD), Agency for Public Legal Records and Related Services (AJPES) and with criminal records data at the Ministry of Justice. Upgrade of the Permanent Population Register (PPR) and Register of Civil Status (RCS), which are the fundamental data sources for the CPR, began in the same year.

– Links between e-CPR and the Register of the Agency for Pension and Disability Allowances were completed. Within the framework of the project to upgrade RCS and PPR was the completion of planning for information solutions, and the start of preparations to build both of these fundamental state registers.

- Completed development and handover of multiple registers, which are prime data sources for the Central Population Register: Register of Civil Status, Permanent Population Register, Register of Foreigners and Register of Citizenship.

- Integration of CPR with the system of records held by internal affairs administration initiated the development of the 4th of generation CPR. We began with data transfer from Oracle data server 8.04 to 10g, and with further optimisation, provided leading edge, accessible operations for users of the CPR. With completion of the information system for biometric passports we concluded the upgrade to the Register of Travel documentation and started preparation for upgrades of the Property Register and Registers of Territorial Units. We concluded an upgrade of the Register of Employment Service and Register of Foreigners.
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